RCD-Lockinge (RCD-RadioCarbon Dating) is a private laboratory specialising in the measurement of tritium and carbon-14 at low levels for numerous environmental, industrial and dating applications. Customers include UKAEA, BNFL, AWE, RAL and various private organisations.

Services we offer include:

RadioCarbon Dating

Archaeology and geology generally, but RCD specialises in providing a full service for authentication of art treasures which incorporates sample collection, AMS determination of the 14C and certification.

Landfill Site Studies

Characterisation of sources of landfill gas through measurements of 14C, 3H and carbon stable isotopes in the methane. Measurement of 3H in leachates and landfill solids.

Industrial Measurements

14C and 3H in materials including: residual activities in building materials (e.g. concrete, wood etc), fuel oils, forensic samples. Stack discharge and working area sampling. Hydrology.

Environmental Measurements

3H and 14C in organic materials including vegetable crops, grass, milk, fish and sewage. Air sampling.

Sampling Equipment

Manufacture and supply of custom designed and built sampling equipment eg dry-bed samplers and bubblers (generally as part of a full service contract).